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Alien Dog Attack #2

The Hays house is still under siege. I have the door to the dining room cracked slightly, watching the Alien Attack Dog (AAD) with its front paws on the desk watching the computer screen. What is it doing? I open the door a bit more to get a better look. Hey! That dog is on my iTunes account! It’s downloading off my money! It’s downloading Barry Manilow! Barry Manilow? Alien dogs like Barry Manilow?  I feel around the dark floor, find a basket and pull out the first thing I grab, a tennis ball. Jumping into the dining room, screaming like Scarface, I fire the tennis ball at the AAD. I miss, the ball bounces off the wall and rolls harmlessly into the living room. The AAD bounds across the floor after the ball completely mesmerized by the little yellow-green friend. My iTunes is safe. And maybe, just maybe, we are on to something with this tennis ball thing…

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Alien Dog Attack #1


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It’s here! Run and hide! The Hays house was invaded this afternoon. The mom was able to click a quick photo of  the invader before we were forced to take deeper cover. We are currently fighting off the alien attacker from the dining room. We have lost the living room and the office already in the fight. Trying to battle the laser beam ocular weapon of the canine from outer space has proven most difficult. We just don’t have the weapons to hold out much longer…

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