Forest of Peace

Rest Day Read (SR-83)

Shantivanam, Forest of Peace

I haven’t been a lot of places in my lifetime, but the Shantivanam House of Prayer in Easton, Kansas is the most holy place I have been to.  When my uncle was the resident priest there, the family would attend midnight mass on Christmas and Easter sunrise mass every year.  It was and still is a magical place.  As a kid, I think I felt God for the first time in the silence of the walking trails. It is a place of retreat, a place of solitude and spirit. I learned of (and learned to appreciate) the power of silence in finding God’s presence there. I ate my first turnip fresh out of its gardens and met numerous wonderful people of spirit and faith during my brief visits.  Great memories of Shantivanam.

Check out the link by clicking the title above or their slideshow HERE.

Have a happy and safe Easter.

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  1. Dear Mike,

    I am a presenter and producer with Premier Christian Radio in London UK. We are the United Kingdom’s largest Christian media organisation and I present two programmes: Worship At Home on Sunday mornings from 10 to 1 and Night Light Monday to Thursday from 11pm to 1am.

    I am looking for permission to adapt one of Ed Hays’ publications for radio, with a view to broadcasting it this coming Christmas on Premier Christian Radio. The book is called Christmas Eve Storyteller. I would record the programme as the principal storyteller with other Premier presenters narrating other parts.

    Can you help us to get this request to Ed or his publisher?

    Michael Cleere


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