Welcome to the Coach Hays blog site on WordPress. On this site, I will be writing everything from A to Z, straight from the mind of me. Rants, writings, training stuff…all is fair game. The goal is to  figure all this technology while learning to be a better writer.  Hope you enjoy a little slice of the idiocy of Mike Hays,  Please feel free to leave a comment.

For a visit to  my author page, click Books and Writings by Mike Hays


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  2. Jennifer Fitz

    Mike, we’ve got the beginnings of a Catholic Writer’s Guild Blog up and running (well, not really running, just up) at http://blog.catholicwritersguild.com/. Since you thought it up.

    Wanna run the weekly prayer column?

    I’ll try to run you down at the conference, but you can reply to me at currentresident at fitzes dot com.



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