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Stan “The Man” Musial

“It is a very sad day for me. I knew Stan very well. He used to take care of me at All-Star games, 24 of them. He was a true gentleman who understood the race thing and did all he could. Again, a true gentleman on and off the field — I never heard anybody say a bad word about him, ever.” – Willie Mays commenting to ESPN on Stan Musial’s death.

Willie Mays and Stan Musial Standing in Locker Room

Unfortunately, I missed Stan Musial’s active playing days in baseball. I have seen film of him. One of the sweetest swings I’ve ever seen and, arguably, the best left handed swing of all time. Musial is consistently ranked among the top five professional baseball players in the history of the game, but, I remember him more as an ambassador of the game. He represented himself, the Cardinals organization, and the city of St. Louis with dignity and class until the day he passed last Saturday.

Stan Musial did magnificent things on the baseball field, but perhaps his greatest contribution to the game came in helping to change the racial atmosphere of the 1950’s baseball clubhouses. Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in 1947, but there was still a racial divide among the players in the clubhouses long after. An ex-baseball coach of mine posted the following story yesterday recounting how Stan Musial played a key role in the acceptance if the negro baseball player into Major League Baseball.

 “Mays , Aaron , and Campenella were playing cards in a NL All-Star clubhouse in the mid-fifties and Musial came over and sat down and said to deal him in . As the foremost NL player of the time , it validated the black stars in their fellow all stars eyes . I have seen both Mays and Aaron say they thought it was classy and they were very grateful to Musial for the gesture.”

I think the greatest lesson Stan Musial leaves us with in this age of modern sport is that the individual, no matter how good, should live to serve the sport. We acquire great things from our sports and too often we expect the sport to serve us, instead of us serving our beloved sport.

Stan Musial, 1920-2013

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Ray Lewis

“If tomorrow wasn’t promised, what would you give today?”

Here is a little video inspiration in honor of the upcoming retirement of Ray Lewis.

When he was at University of Miami and early in his NFL career, I wasn’t a fan of Ray Lewis or many of his Hurricane compadres. I held utmost respect for the way he played the game, though. He changed the game and practically single-handily killed the traditional college football option game with his speed and tenacity, but I wasn’t a fan of how many of the ‘Canes carried themselves in life.

After some early ups and downs off the field, Ray Lewis changed. Besides becoming the most dominant NFL defensive player of his era, Ray became a leader. With this metamorphosis, I became a huge fan of his.

Ray Lewis, to me, has become an example of how we men can grow and change into better human beings. The video of his inspirational locker room speech to the Stanford Cardinal basketball team is the perfect example of Ray’s leadership and core beliefs.

Thank you, Ray Lewis, for an exceptional NFL career. Congratulations on your retirement. Many of us fans look forward to what the future holds for you as a father, retired athlete, and life mentor to young players everywhere.

 “Effort is between you and you.”

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We all sometimes need a healthy dose of “OUT”. To whatever you do, to whatever you are good at, add some “OUT” to it. Supercharge it, push it, take the leap off the high dive.

OUT work
OUT prepare
OUT plan
OUT perform
OUT hustle
OUT play
OUT coach
OUT run
OUT lift
OUT compete
OUT love
OUT study
OUT design
OUT write
OUT lead
OUT love
OUT participate
OUT read
OUT discover
OUT learn
OUT laugh
OUT recover
OUT forgive
OUT carry
OUT follow



Now, go OUT and do whatever you do with joy, passion, and intensity.

Never give up.
Get better every day.
Hard work is the magic.
Be OUTstanding!

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