KEXP’s Top 500 Songs

KEXP Seattle’s Top 500 Songs of All Time List

Click the link above to go peruse this list. It is the most awesome list I have ever seen put together. Throw in a little Merle and George Strait and it may just be as close to perfection as one can get.

During their fall fundraising drive, played this list from bottom to top.  The Joy Division song, Love Will Tear Us Apart is so good. But, then again, the whole top 25 could probably lay claim to the top spot. Better yet, you could probably say you have a list with 539 songs tied for #1.  I wish I had $539 iTunes dollars to purchase this list. However, if I had $539 lying around, I would probably do the right thing and donate it to the station.

Leave a comment if you see one of your favorites in the list.

Kudos,! You really do rock.

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