Out Of Chaos Comes Order

Ever wonder how these spiffy blog posts come to life? Do you even want to know? Do you even care?
That’s where most of them begin. An idea, an emotion, an event will trigger some stream of thought on a subject. Usually sports, but sometimes I branch out. Really.
The idea is set in motion. The brain fires and I scribble down its ideas. The ideas are chaos.
Here is an example of the brainstorm of chaos from my last post, Step By Step.

Not so pretty, huh?
I love chaos. I love creating chaos and finding the right threads inside that chaos so when those strings are pulled together, something pretty cool is created.
The ideas are on paper. They get filed together in one folder inside my brain. They begin to play nice together and form into some sort of logical order.
Finally, with the Sisters of the Order of St. Benedict who taught me at Christ The King School smiling happily upon me from heaven, I yield the Hammer of Grammar and pound out the errors to give the post it’s final shape. A few more edit passes to shine it all up and there you have it, a The Coach Hays blog post.
Not bad for a lineman?

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