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THEY by Rudyard Kipling: A Story for Halloween 2011

THEY  by Rudyard Kipling (Click title to go to a link of the entire story.)

She felt her way lightly to the front of the car, and with one foot on the step she called ” Children, oh, children! Look and see what’s going to happen!”
The voice would have drawn lost souls from the Pit, for the yearning that underlay its sweetness, and I was not surprised to hear an answering shout behind the yew.

Don’t get me wrong, I am the first guy to wave the flag of modern horror. Halloween, Nightmare of Elm Street, Friday the 13th have all received my accolades on this world wide web in the past. But, there is nothing like good, old-fashioned ghost storytelling.

THEY is just a that; a good old-fashion ghost story told by a master storyteller. It was published as a short book with illustrations. I originally read it as part of an anthology call DARK BANQUET: A FEAST OF TWELVE GREAT GHOST STORIES, edited by Lincoln Child. I highly recommend it!

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