“Faith, Family and Football…in that order”

Rest Day Read (SR-37)
Gruden High School Camp 2010 ESPN Video Series
“Man, I love football, sincerely. It gives me the chance to give back to the game a little bit. Be around my son. I wasn’t a very good player when I played the game. I want to help these guys get better. I feel an urgency to do that and I am having a blast.” -Coach John Gruden

Part 1

Joy. That is the first thing I see in Coach Gruden’s eyes. Joy. Absolute, unadulterated football joy. Passion for the game. I can relate. I have been there. I have felt that joy. I have lived that passion.
Coach Paul Lane always preached the following on the priorities and perspective of football:

“Faith, Family, Football…in that order.”

Part 2

I no longer coach football. I miss it. It is like that phantom limb feeling you hear amputees describe about their missing arm or leg. It is there, but gone. The drive, passion and commitment hang in the air like a forgotten mist as I wonder where the young warriors have gone.

Part 3

I no longer coach football for a reason. What happened, you ask? The gory details are a rant for another day. But, the heart of the matter boils down to this simple fact: The 3rd F (Football) began to take too much away from the 1st F (Faith) and the 2nd F (Family). I allowed F3 to leap in front the the first two. I got off the track. I learned that F1 and F2 are what is really, really, really good and are what is really, really, really important.


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7 responses to ““Faith, Family and Football…in that order”

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  2. Paul Lane

    Coach Hays….I will be the first to purchase your ebook! You NEVER cease to amaze me and I have learned so much from YOU. We spent some wonderful times together and YOU MATTER. I had a brief interaction with a young man who played in last Friday’s game and told him it sounded like he played well. (Because we were in Winfield at the Bluegrass festival, you were kind enough to keep me posted on how the Tigers were doing.)
    When I mentioned that YOU were keeping me posted and then commented on this young man’s performance…..he didn’t say thank you, he didn’t ask for further comment…..he asked, “Did Coach Hays say I played well? Now THAT matters!”
    You have impacted the youth of our community to the point that – YOUR PRAISE……MATTERS. It wasn’t the accolades as much as WHO delivered them that mattered.


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