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St. John the Baptist Relics Found in Bulgaria

Rest Day Read (SR-40)
St. John the Baptist Relics Found in Bulgaria
from the Focus Information Agency
“The relics found in the reliquary on the St. Ivan Island close to the coastal city of Sozopol over the week belong to St. John the Baptist, Radio FOCUS – Burgas reports.
In the reliquary archaeologists found part of a hand, part of the face and a tooth. An anthropological analysis will be made on the relics. The reliquary is made of alabaster and of marble, as archaeologists initially assumed. It was opened by a commission of experts. The relics were handed to the Bulgarian Patriarchate, which will decide where to place them.
According to historian and minister without portfolio Bozhidar Dimitrov, it will best to place the relics at the St. George church, located close to Sozopol. The reliquary on St. Ivan Island was found on July 28.”

St. John the Baptist. One of the special births, one of the special saints. St. John the Baptist. I can relate to him probably more than any other saint. The madman in the desert preaching “REPENT! For the Kingdom of Heaven is close at hand!” Radical message, clearing the road for the coming of the Messiah. What an impression he must have made with his preaching. Probably a little scary.  But, he would have the honor of baptizing Jesus, even though he felt he was not worthy to do it. God knew who He could trust with that job that is for sure.
St. John the Baptist, a man of conviction. Preach the Truth, no matter who he would tick off, no matter how much trouble or how unpopular with the powers that be he would become. He would become such a threat to the establishment, it would cost him his life. I imagine those relics found in Bulgaria brought great strength to the monastery on St. Ivan Island.

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