Royals, Flush by Joe Posnanski

Rest Day Read (Sr-79)

Royals, Flush by Joe Posnanski

“You have to go back, in fact, to 2011. The Royals were dismal that year. They were also dismal the year before that and the year before that and the year before that and … well, you get the idea. Kansas City lost 100 games four times in the 2000s. And, oh, the stories from that time! The Royals once had a runner simply fall off first base, like a statue tipping over, and get picked off. They once had a player lose a fly ball in the sun because his prescription sunglasses had not yet arrived. They once had an outfielder who climbed the wall to catch a fly ball only to see it land on the warning track and bounce over his head. They once had their first batter of the game bat out of order.

The biggest problem then, strange as it may seem now (we are talking about the three-time-champion Royals), was that Kansas City had trouble finding, developing and affording good players. How did it turn around? How did the Royals reach the playoffs in 2013, win the World Series in ’15 and then dominate the latter part of the decade? Well, it was that minor league system … that amazing Kansas City Royals minor league system.

Believe it or not, back in those days when human beings played Jeopardy! and people thought LeBron James was going to win championships and Tiger Woods was going to break Jack Nicklaus’s career majors record, people also thought Dayton Moore was a complete failure. Moore will tell you this was mostly his fault. He made mistakes, and he did not explain himself well enough.”

I love the Royals. OK Mrs. Hays, I know I shouldn’t say “love”, especially about my hometown team, the Royals and the Chiefs, but…

Hope spring eternal.  Thanks, Joe P. for this article and providing hope.  This is going to be a rough year to be a Royals fan, but we are what we are.

If you, dear reader, are also a Royals fan, leave a comment with your favorite Royal memory.  Good luck in 2011 to the Boys in Blue!


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4 responses to “Royals, Flush by Joe Posnanski

  1. Kris B.

    My favorite Royals memory would have to be the first game I ever got to see in person. After watching the Royals on TV for many years I finally got to go to my first game when I was in 5th grade. Then a few years ago I got to attend my first Spring Training and my first Opening Day. I must say after seeing Moustakis and Hosmer at Spring Training this year the Royals future does look bright!


    • Two great memories of Royals Stadiums. First was at the old Municipal Stadium. I used to go on my birthday in July every year when I was a kid, always the Baltimore Orioles. My memory is of 5’5″ Freddy Patek standing on first base next to the gargantuan 1B for Baltimore, Boog Powell. Standing on the bag, Freddy still barely went up to Boog’s shoulder. Classic.
      The second was batting practice when the Red Sox were in town. We went early, sat in left field GA. Carl Yastrzemski, Dwight Evans, Jim Rice and Fred Lynn hit 20+ some home runs in BP. Rice hit one so hard into the grass lawn in left field in buried the ball about six inches into the wet hillside.


  2. Rob

    Fave Memory: It’s 1985 and I come home and check my answering machine. I hear Ken Kilgore’s voice “thought you may want to go to Game 6 tonight. Gimme a call.” I call him back and say I’d love the ticket. He said there were no tickets, we were going to watch the game on TV in the parking lot. So we borrowed his brother’s TV, rented a generator, got beer, called a bunch of friends, and piled in my truck. We watched the game out behind the scoreboard. By the end of the game there were 100+ people trying to see the thrilling victory on our 27″ TV. It was so much fun, we did it again for Game 7. 🙂


    • Oh, yeah! 1985. I remember leaving Emporia in the 4th inning of Sunday’s Game 7 with O.B. Stratton at the wheel heading for Westport. I believe we may have ran into you and Kilgore there or maybe that was an euphoria-induced hallucination. We stayed within 100 yards of Kelly’s Tavern from Sunday until we went to downtown KCMO for the parade on Tuesday. Crazy fun!


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