Brick by Brick

Brick by Brick by Coach Hays

This was the theme of summer conditioning the final year we coached.  I was really proud of this program.  I thought I’d finally found a theme which fit what we tried to accomplish like a glove.  I found the program while cleaning out some folders on the hard drive.  Funny how almost every file in the Tiger Sports folder brings back great memories.  Practice schedules, travel lists, depth charts, strength and conditioning data, it all comes rushing back as I click through the files.  I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did.  And if not, too dang bad, because now I have a whole computer folder full of things to share.

Brick by Brick

The foundation of a solid team is built brick by brick.  Each individual brick in a foundation wall is unique and important.  Every athlete in our summer conditioning program is unique and important to the foundation of the teams we are creating.  The coaches act as the bricklayers to put the foundation together.  Parents, administrators, former players and fans are the mortar which supports and holds the foundation together.  The goal of our Tiger Strength and Conditioning program is to provide the tools so that every athlete can mold themselves into the best brick they can be.

(As I looked over this, it occurred to me that in our final season, some of our mortar didn’t realize, or accept, that it was the mortar and instead wanted to play the bricklayer.  Our bricks were good, our plan was good, but as the wall of the team was beginning to come together, we lost our mortar and our wall crumbled.)

The 2008 Coach Hays Rules of the Road

1.  Show up and work hard, every day.

2.  We will work in groups.  You will choose your own group of 6-10 people.

3.  You will be held accountable to your group.

4.  Compete with yourself on a daily basis.

5.  Be the best you that you can be.

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