Core Competitors

It’s all about how you compete. It’s all about how you develop players who compete.

Success hinges upon this one factor. Competing. 

Competing needs to be a way of life and a daily approach to the task at hand. It is developed through constant challenge and drive to squeeze a little more out of what is in the arsenal.

And I’m not just talking about the championship caliber athlete or team, either. I’m talking about taking the average Joe. I’m talking about teaching him the basic fundamental techniques, teaching him the basic philosophy, and infusing in him a philosophy to compete every single day.

  • It’s not about facilities or about fields.
  • It’s not about snazzy uniforms or the newest and best equipment.
  • It’s not about peppy-ness or spirit or “rah rah”.
  • It is not about team functions and dinners and trinket/snack sales.
  • It is about competing. Every day, every hour, every minute, and every second.
  • It is about being a competitive clog in a competitive wheel and not settling for anything less than full-out effort by everyone.
  • It is about getting down and dirty every day to push yourself to get better.
  • It is about being up to the challenge and providing the new challenges every day.

Athletes and coaches, if you can understand this one thing and if you can focus on competing, you will be instantly headed in the right direction. Instantly.

You may not win every game, but you will compete with every ounce of marrow in  your body.

You will walk from every contest with your head held high and the respect of your opponent in your pocket.

It’s not about the WANT TO.

It’s about the “WILL DO“.

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