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Perception is Reality

This is my 300th post on The Coach Hays blog. Who knew I could throw this many rants?

To celebrate, I am going to re-post an old piece taken from one of the best sports instructional resources around, Baseball Excellence (baseball-excellence.com).  They send this great piece at least once a year in their weekly FREE email newsletter. Always timely, always important, always sage advice no matter who your are or what you do.


Perception is Reality (A Tip for players)

The way you act is how others perceive you.

The way you conduct yourself on a baseball field in practice and games goes a long way as coaches determine how you will benefit the team.

Your talent level “is what it is.”

You can improve your skill level and you can have a positive approach.

“It takes no talent to hustle.”

Respect the game.

Play with class.

Take Pride in the way you play the game.

Show an aptitude to learn. (Be Coach-able)

Understand that failure is a part of baseball and learn to react in a mature fashion.

Always try to contribute something positive to the team (no matter how small)

Remember, you never know who is watching.

Tigers @ Royal Valley 2008

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