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Be “Less”

We are always asking and/or being asked to give more. Work harder, work more, work faster.

That’s okay, though. Keep it up and keep those “more” things going strong.

But, I am going to ask you for “less”.

Yeah, you read that right. LESS.

Be ageless, think young and perform young.

Be responsible for yourself, do your job and be blameless.

Boundless. Never quit striving to be better.

Leave opponents, fans, and teammates breathless with your effort.

Perform with reckless abandon.

Be dauntless.

Appear effortless in your execution using technical expertise.

Endless in your energy, enthusiasm, and desire.

Do your job and go on…Be a faceless and nameless force to reckon with.

Be fearless. Identify what you want and go get it.

Be merciless in a contest from the first bell to the final bell. (Then be nice again.)

As you can see, sometimes more is not better.

Sometimes “less” is more.



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