The King of Communication

My smartphone is one of the coolest things I’ve ever owned. I can call, text, video chat, listen to music, listen to books, watch TV or videos, and even write. I carry a library of books with me everywhere I go on my phone. Cool, right?

But, truthfully, this wonder of modern gadgetry still pales in cool-factor comparison to the coolest gadget/toy a boy could ever hold in his hand—the walkie-talkie.


A walkie-talkie could open many doors of imagination in beautiful static-filled delight for millions of kids. Talking CB language, sending Morse code, performing the perfect talk-drop-roll manuever to avoid being seen by suspicious sisters. Nothing was more fun (or high-tech) than using the “two-way”.

The uses are almost endless.

  • Planning an attack.
  • Asking your little brother to bring you a soda.
  • Searching the backyard for buried treasure.
  • Conniving deviant behaviors with the neighborhood crew.

All perfect for the king of communications.

The Walkie-Talkie!


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