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The Center of the Basketball Universe

Who would have thought?  Kansas State and Kansas playing for the Big 12 Championship, the number one ranked conference in the nation.  The two teams are probably 2 of the 5 best teams in the entire country right now.  Man, this is fun!  Kind of takes me back to the days of the rivalry before I had a drivers license.  The days when I viewed it with a kid’s fascination.  The days of Chuckie Williams and Mike Evans, Darnell Valentine and Donnie Von Moore, Jack Hartman and Ted Owens.  My two favorite teams, coached by two of my favorite coaches, Frank Martin and Bill Self.  Playing on the big stage for the league championship, can it get much better than this?  Well, maybe a fourth showdown in a couple of weeks in the Final Four…

Good luck and enjoy the game!

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