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Play in the Digital Playground!

Rest Day Read (SR-60)

Educator in the Real Time World by Kevin Honeycutt

“A good QB throws the ball where the receiver is going to be, not where they are when the ball is snapped.  A good educator throws an education where kids are going to be.  We have to know that.

I want you to know there are thousands of educators worldwide who get this,  who are connected to an EDU-VERSE of other ideas and people on BEHALF of their kids, and their kids DESERVE this.”

Thanks to the Mrs. Hays for this one.  Watch, listen and learn.  Parents, teachers, coaches, grandparents, uncles, aunts, everyone watch, listen and learn.  This is good, no, it’s great stuff.  Get out there people, take the plunge into the digital age. Learn from the kids, learn with the kids.  Take it from me, it is a great experience to learn Facebook, Twitter or blogging from your kids.  It is a very rewarding experience and a whole new world for us old farts.

Play in the digital playground!

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