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Rest Day Read 3-5-10

Rest Day Read (SR-13)
Epilogue to The Purposeful Primitive by Marty Gallagher
“By generating a methodical and sustained physical and psychological effort, the human body is forcibly morphed from what it is into what we want it to become: leaner and more muscular. The human body is not seduced, lured, cajoled, convinced or persuaded to alter itself-it is forced to alter itself.”
“Sub-maximal training yields sub-maximal results”

I can’t even remember where I ran into this promotional free download file to Marty Gallagher’s excellent book, The Purposeful Primitive, but it convinced me to buy the book. Once I read the book, it ignited a change in the way I approach life and fitness. I highly suggest the book and suggest adoption of its principals.

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