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The Hardcore Viking

Vikings Filed Their Teeth to Remind You They Are Totally Hardcore

-from Geekosystem.com (a 5 of 5 star of the awesome scale for kick butt science news)

I could not resist posting about this.  Go read the article at the link above.  Do you blame me? Vikings are badass. Serious. They didn’t fool around.  When you start filing horizontal ridges in your own teeth to intimidate, shouldn’t that be enough to warn the bystander to clear the hell out of the way?  NOW!

I think it is time to start studying the Vikings again.  I used to read up and study the barbarians back in my football coaching days. Laugh if you must, but I learned much from studying groups like the Huns, Vandals, Goths and my favorite since my youth, the Vikings.

The education from studying the barbarians actually made me a better defensive football coach.  Confuse, attack and destroy. Intimidate with hustle and intensity.  Hit the opponent like a cannon shot over and over again until his will is broken. Play with such desire it seems we have 13 on the field instead of 11.

I am tearing up just thinking about it. Now, where’s that dang rasp at?

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