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I don’t know if it was the winding down of another year or the Doctor Who marathon or the accumalation of 46 and a half years or some other reminder of the constancy of continuum, but as we rip the wrapping paper off 2011 and kick 2010 to the curb, I find myself pondering Time.

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Time as we define it is arbritrary, a man-made representation of the circadian clock of eons.  The Time of ages and of earth runs deep and beyond imaginable scale.  Older than old.  Older than dirt.  Older than even crayons.  Geologic Time.

Time does fly, constant and true.  Time moves in the rhythm of the universe, always forward, always plodding, always methodical.  Our God allows us to jump on the ride for our allotted period.  We need to make the most of this Time, this “our” Time.

Time is precious.  Ask a terminally ill person, someone on the furthest precipice of their Time, they will tell you how precious Time is.  Like the song says, “we should live like we are dying”.  Maybe we should redefine our birth day as our first step to death, the first day of the end of our life, the day our battery is charged to capacity.  Morbid, true, but would we waste less of our precious Time if we viewed it as a finite commodity?  Would we strive to enjoy our Time to the fullest, strive to be “the best me I can be”?  Would we appreciate our legacy and accomplishments more to the point where we would act daily to build them?  I would hope so.

As we turn the corner on another year, stop and listen to the constant ticking of the clock, that true biological clock.  Let’s attack life like with the knowledge that our Time is finite, limited.  Let’s resolve to be better every day.  It takes work.  It takes sweat.  Something worth having is something worth working for.  Don’t waste another tick of the clock.  Get out there and get after it. It’s TIME!

Note: If you think of more “times” to add to the list I have started above, just add it to a comment. Let’s see how many “times” we can accumulate.

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