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Twirly-Girl: Hard Work is the Magic

If there was ever any doubt, this performance officially makes Twirly-Girl the best baton twirler in the family.  She worked her tail off getting ready in a short couple of weeks before this performance was scheduled,  including about 3 hours in the gym the morning of the game.  Twirly-Girl and CoachTwirler even had an escaped plan in place if she wanted to back out on game day.  But, she is a gamer and did the prep work necessary.  To make it more challenging, the entire SM East boys basketball team was lined up on the sideline in front of her and the Salina Central boys team members were line up on the baseline to her right, both groups impatiently waiting to get on the court for half time shoot around.  It was an “ice water in the veins” awesome performance.  Once again:

Hard work is the magic.

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