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Alien Dog Attack #3

So the yellow-green tennis ball has worked to keep the AAD busy for the last 30 minutes in the living room.  The AAD is starting to wear down.  It looks like it is getting very drowsy.  We use the remote to remotely turn the TV to some nice relaxing music on CMT.  The AAD climbs on the captain’s chair (my favorite chair!)  and slowly fades into a happy slumber.  Me and Kid2 and Kid3 tiptoe into the living room to capture the AAD while it sleeps.  Things could not be working out any more perfect.  But, just as we get within a first down of the AAD, Taylor Swift comes on the CMT.  You know the song, yeah, that song, the one that sounds like all the other songs, the one that plays somewhere constantly in the Swift Time-Space Continuum.  Well, the AAD jolts out of its sleep, sits up in the captain’s chair and eyeball laser beams Taylor Swift AND my TV into oblivion!   AAAHHHHH!!!!!!!  Run away!  Run away!  We retreat back into the dining room as the AAD reestablishes its position.  I think it is time to call in the big boys, the federales.

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