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Happy Fitness New Year!

Fitness New Year
Back on January 1, 2010, I designated April Fool’s Day 2010 as the first day of the Fitness New Year. Well, today is the day! And I must admit, it wasn’t a bad idea. The weather was cold, crappy and there was a buttload of snow on the ground 1-1-2010. Today? Well in Clay Center, KS, it is absolutely beautiful; sunny and mid-70s with the associated Kansas “breeze”. I know, I know, I am a freaking genius! No, not really, but today is as good of day as any to turn over a new leaf.
Start today with a clean slate, eat better, move more often and use movements that expand your range of motion as much as possible. Baby steps are still steps!
Last night it was 80+ degrees. The Mrs. Hays and myself went on our first “real” bike ride of the year. After going up the Hill from Hell, The Mrs. Hays actually admits she wishes she would have not stopped Fam-Fit over the winter. HA! Can I use that as a ringing endorsement? Sure, I can…

Enjoy 30 minutes of favorite outdoor activity.
(Me, I took the day off, had a parade then pulled the rose bushes out. Proceeded to cut out an area of the nasty Bermuda grass then expanded the vegetable garden in a Napoleonic fashion to double the empires previous size.)

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