Alignment, Assignment, Attack

Coach Lane taught us an awesome philosophy. He used to preach what he called the three A’s: Alignment, Assignment and Attack. This simple method of teaching, planning and playing the game of football can be used for many, many other disciplines in life or sport.

Alignment – Where you line up. It is the physical position you put yourself in. Starting in the right position, in the right spot or in the right frame of mind increases the chances of success.

Assignment – What you need to do. It is your job, it is what your teammates are depending on you to do. In football and baseball, we called it EVERY MAN, EVERY PLAY. Meaning, know what your job is and consistently get it done.

Attack – How you create chaos. It is a way of living, it is your approach and it is how you compete. Create chaos to cause confusion and confusion slows your opponent down mentally and physically, giving you an edge. An attacking philosophy needs hustle and attitude. We wanted to ¬†intimidate through hustle. Always attacking, always coming, always, always, always…

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