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Marital Communications & Freshman Writing Prompts

The Mrs. Hays teaches freshman English. She does a daily writing prompt for the freshman journals. Below is one of particular interest she posted last week. I couldn’t resist joining the discussion to point out a glaring omission from the personal assistant options on this writing prompt.

They say communication is key to a marriage. We “communicated” about the writing prompt. With her permission here is a transcript of the brief discussion. I think (know) I am right. What do you think?


me:  Where’s Darth Vader on that writing prompt list? Huh?????

me: He’d be the perfect personal assistant.

me: 1. DV can force choke people who tick you off. Who doesn’t need THAT skill around?

me: 2. In a fight, DV’s one good man to have at your back. Only Hulk would be better.

Mrs. Hays:  I’ll mention it to the kids.  They flipped out this morning when I admitted to never having watched star wars.

(At this point, I ignored the aforementioned “never having watched star wars” comment. Plus, Star Wars starting in lower case???? A major English teacher FAIL.)

me:  3. The restaurant forgets to bring a steak knife for your 32 oz. sirloin. A disaster? No, with DV as your assistant, it’s only a few swipes of the light saber and you’re good to go.

me:  4. His wardrobe selection will never overshadow yours.

me:  5. Loyal as a Labrador Retriever. He’d even ALMOST kill his own son to do your bidding. That’s about as loyal as they come.

me: We can save the other 99 great reasons to have Darth Vader as your personal assistant for later…

Mrs. Hays:  Or never.

Marital bliss. Need I say more?

Oh, brother…

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