65 Toss Power Trap

Rest Day Read (SR-21)
“65 Toss Power Trap”
Wearing an NFL Films microphone during Super Bowl IV, Chiefs head coach Hank Stram made one of the classic play calls in NFL history, “65 Toss Power Trap.” Len Dawson recounts, “I’m in the huddle and here comes Gloster Richardson into the game with a play. He says ‘Coach wants you to run 65 Toss Power Trap.’ I said, ‘We haven’t run that play in a really long time, are you sure that’s what he wants?’ Gloster says, ‘Yes, it’s 65 Toss Power Trap.’” Running back Mike Garrett scored a touchdown on the play giving the Chiefs a commanding 16-0 lead in the second half.

Normally, I make some commentary on the rest day reads. But this subject is too emotional for me to get through without tearing up with joyful tears. I truly believe that putting the microphone on Coach Hank Stram was a pivotal event in turning the NFL and the Super Bowl into the super-megapolis they are today. Sorry, gotta go find a tissue.

1969 Kansas City Chiefs

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