The Pollen Post No. 5: Pollen Theatre

Pleospora and Laccaria

Two star crossed young pollens fall in love amidst the violence and feuding of the olive grove outside of Verona.  In a cruel turn, the young pollens come  from deadly, bitter rival pollen families, Pleospora from the Ascospores and Laccaria from the Basidiospores.  In the end, tragedy triumphs.

The Sound of Pollinating

A sweet, innocent pollen accepts a position as governess for widow and his 14 offspring and instantly becomes a hit with the young pollens for her stupid songs and goofy dance numbers.  As fate would have it, she falls in love with the widow, a Captain in the military.  She marries the Captain, much to the delight of the 14 youngsters, then helps the family escape from the evil,  invading dictator, Nasonex.

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