The Coach Hays Entertainment Special

Dick Dale Live in Studio from KEXP Seattle
Life is full of beautiful little nuggets. Sometimes you create them, sometime you have to dig for them, but most of the time they just fall into your lap. Here is an example I tripped onto the other day while going to listen to one of my favorite internet radio stations:
Take ten minutes or so of your busy life, sit down and watch what a musical legend, two-time cancer survivor, rock and roll hall of famer, guitar master hall of famer, drug free/alcohol free musical innovator can do with a guitar. Oh yeah, did I mention that he is 72 years old! Seventy freaking two! And still touring! I put this into perspective for Frick and Frack as such, DD is only 4 years younger than their Grandfather.
The final song in the set, Amazing Grace, will blow your socks off. You will never hear that song again without thinking of Dick Dale, kind of like Jimi Hendrix’s Star Spangled Banner from Woodstock. Dick Dale just plain, straight out rocks. For Christ’s sake, they had to invent higher tech, higher power amplifier and speaker technologies in the 1960’s just for him. He always pushed (and still pushes) the envelope.


Taco Wagon


The Wedge


Amazing Grace

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