Alien Dog Attack #2

The Hays house is still under siege. I have the door to the dining room cracked slightly, watching the Alien Attack Dog (AAD) with its front paws on the desk watching the computer screen. What is it doing? I open the door a bit more to get a better look. Hey! That dog is on my iTunes account! It’s downloading off my money! It’s downloading Barry Manilow! Barry Manilow? Alien dogs like Barry Manilow?  I feel around the dark floor, find a basket and pull out the first thing I grab, a tennis ball. Jumping into the dining room, screaming like Scarface, I fire the tennis ball at the AAD. I miss, the ball bounces off the wall and rolls harmlessly into the living room. The AAD bounds across the floor after the ball completely mesmerized by the little yellow-green friend. My iTunes is safe. And maybe, just maybe, we are on to something with this tennis ball thing…

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