Fam-Fit Daily 1-27-10

Mobility stretches with hurdles or sawhorses
Over: Front, Back, Side
Under: Front, Back, Side

Jumping Jehosaphat
A. Agility Ladder

  1. Single Step
  2. Double Step
  3. Bunny Hop
  4. Slalom Hop
  5. Waltz Step
  6. Lateral Step
  7. Scissor Step

B. Cone Hops (5 Cones ~3 ft. apart)
1. Linear (Down and Back) – Forward, Side
2. Stationary (10 back and forth side hops)
C. 10x Weighted Step-Ups
-Weight above head, step up to parallel thigh and drive up.
D. 10x Box Jump –> Depth Jump –>Horizontal Broad Jump
-Jump up to box, depth jump then broad jump as far out as you can.
E. 10x Squat Jumps
-Full squat then explode as high as you can go and clap hand above head.

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