Fam-Fit Rest Day Read 1-29-10

Rest Day Read (SR-6)
The Ransom of Red Chief by O. Henry
“We selected for our victim the only child of a prominent citizen named Ebenezer Dorset. The father was respectable and tight, a mortgage fancier and a stern, upright collection-plate passer and forecloser. The kid was a boy of ten, with bas-relief freckles and hair the colour of the cover of the magazine you buy at the news-stand when you want to catch a train. Bill and me figured that Ebenezer would melt down for ransom of two thousand dollars to a cent. But wait till I tell you.”
There are good ideas that work out magnificently, ones that are well thought out and planned to a “T”. But, this story is not an example of one of those type of ideas. For all the apparent planning and thought our two heroes think they put into their get rich quick scheme, thing could not have turned out much worse for them.

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