Fam-Fit Rest Day Read 2-8-10 Pt. 1

Rest Day Read (SR-8)

Fitness and the Brain

This will be a series of three articles, highlighted one at a time over the next 3 posts. I feel very strongly about developing and training well-rounded human machines. The well-rounded renaissance individual (e.g. Jefferson, Franklin, Washington) made America the great country that it is. Our systems and the powers that be complain about health/wellness/intelligence issues with our younger generations, yet continue to trim, cut and axe the programs that deal head on with these alarming issues. Maybe we shouldn’t wait for the systems to come around, maybe we need to take the bull by the horns on this one, before we slide any further. Just a warning, I will probably break out in a rant sometime on this subject over the next few posts. I just can’t help it.

Article SR-8a
How to Build a Better Neural Highway? By Cyndi Rodi
“Complexity in movement engages the cognitive and motor areas of the brain in tandem. This facilitates more efficient and effective brain function that provides for better information processing and recall.”

Article SR-8b
Exercise Seen as Priming Pump for Students’ Academic Strides. By Debra Viadero
Article SR-8c
Will CrossFit Make American Kids Smarter? By Lisa Bakshi

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